Friends, foes, and allies, I will be spending approximately two weeks this summer traveling the country playing disc golf, visiting family and friends, looking at cool rocks, and taking pictures of my food. This blog is where I will be documenting my journey. Let us begin...

Distance Travled

5,750 miles ventured

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I have some catching up to do.  Because of finals and everything I have not kept this updated very well.

First things first.

What is a manscursion?
According to Urban Dictionary, it is A trip or adventure by a group of bros, usually made for doing manly tasks such as canoe racing, bear hunting, making their own beef jerky and riverboat gambling trips. The members of the manscursion must yell "manscursion!" before every task for it truly to be one. Alcohol is encouraged.

When is it?
June, 7 through June, 23

Where are you going?
See Manscursion Map (Parts 1 and 2) in the Awesome Links section.
Or you can look at the dates in the Course Schedule section.