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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Put a Little South in Your Mouth

I haven't posted anything in a few days, so here is a big one.  My last post I was raving about the wonders of Holler In the Hills.  From there I moved on to Cedar Hill Park in Nashville, Tennessee.

This was a very nice course and I enjoyed the time I had hear.  However, the rain that had chased me out of Holler was following me today.  Here I tested out my FADE straps rain cover for the first time.  Once I had it adjusted for my bag it worked like a dream. 

After Cedar Hill, I was headed towards my campsite at Cloudland Canyon Park in Georgia.  There is a pay to play course on the campgrounds there.  Unfortunately, it was not worth the the dollars.  I was able to reach most holes hear with a lazy hyzer.  To top out off, three rain followed me here, and it was a rough night.

The next morning, the rain was still going strong all the way to my next stop at George Ward Park in Birmingham, Alabama.  The course looked great, and I was excited to play it.  The rain had even let up enough that I thought I could play the course fairly easily.  I had a funny feeling about it though.  Sure enough, as I threw a few practice putts, the heavy stuff was back.  I opted to outrun the rain to Mississippi.

There I played the Ross Barnett Reservoir, known as The Rez.  A well thought out course with a good mix of short technical and long placement type holes.  It finished with a 440 ft shot over the water where you can either go for it, or play it safe to the fairway.  A vet fun course to play in the sun after all that rain.

I moved on from there to Louisiana to Lake Bistineau State Park.  A beautiful park that also happens to have a disc golf course on site, imagine that.  The first few holes were easy short shots that left me disappointed and out was hard to navigate the course.  Luckily I had a map and as I continued on the holes got longer and more technical.  I still wasn't entirely happy with the course.  Out had some baskets missing on a few of the holes and I had to putt at the pvc basket markers, but compared to Cloudland it was fantastic.

The next mornning I headed for Tyler, Texas to play Lindsey park.  I started out on the dogwood course despite the warning posted by the first pad.  It was a though, but extremely fun, long and technical course.  I carded a 78 here and still felt like I got off easy.  A fantastic course that I would love to play again.  The other courses on site left me a little disappointed.  don't get me wrong, they were great well thought out holes with multiple tees and pin locations, but they were awful to navigate without knowing where you were going.  Halfway through the red course, I found myself on the blue.  I just kept playing holes as I found them and had a great time, but I would like to play the course again with someone that knows the courses. 

From Tyler I went to Temple and got to see Andy, Lauren, and Sonny.  Me and Andy had some delicious Barbeque at the Salt Lick.  It was so good, and the sauce I used tasted like the lovechild of of honey mustard and spicy barbeque sauce. 

Yesterday, I left Temple fewer and happy.  I walked the first half of Circle C Metro Park and played the second half with an outstanding gentleman named Chuck.  He mentioned that Disc Nation was nearby, so of course, I had to check it out before heading for Tucson.  It was the longest driving day of the trip.  Almost 1000 miles on the road broken up by a few gas stops and one dinker course in New Mexico.  Anyway, me and Baranowski are antsy to get moving for Vista Del Camino, and Fountain Hills. 

See you later,


I made it to Tucson safely

That is all.  More details to come in the morning.