Friends, foes, and allies, I will be spending approximately two weeks this summer traveling the country playing disc golf, visiting family and friends, looking at cool rocks, and taking pictures of my food. This blog is where I will be documenting my journey. Let us begin...

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5,750 miles ventured

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dinosaurs Babies and Caves Oh My

Day one of Manscursion. The weather held up and I was able to throw down a terrible round at My. Airy, but was able to find records of mine and Romans trip there last year.  Then I played a much safer, and better scoring round at Idlewild. 

I got to spend some quality time with my sister and nephew.  He will be nine weeks old tomorrow, and he is getting huge!

Today I got to go on the Wild Cave Your at Mammoth Caves National Park.  It was a six hour 5.5 mile spelunking tour through the caves.  Well worth it,I would easily do it again.but maybe with better knee pads.

Then I checked out Dinosaur World, because why would I not!  It should make everyone happy to know that for a mere $25 a year you can have a season pass to look at dinosaurs that never has the chance to work at putt-putt courses across America.

Goodnight all and I got I never have to type a post out on my phone again.